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Let’s Paint Some Rocks!

The School House Museum is located in an area surrounded by nature. One of the museum’s biggest goals, other than helping you learn the history of the Upper Ottawa Valley, is to get its visitors in touch with nature and what better way to encourage that then through a fun and simple craft. Rock paintingContinue reading “Let’s Paint Some Rocks!”

The Virtual Museum – The Log House

Above is the second installment in our virtual series. As always, if you’d like to learn more about any buildings, artifacts or general history of the area, we are open for business and ready to provide a tour or workshop at your earliest convenience. Book today!

The Virtual Museum – The School House

The School House Museum is proud to present the first installment in our virtual tour series. With many people choosing to stay home during this time, we decided to bring the musuem to you. Check out our entire virtual series for a glimpse into what the School House Museum has to offer! Remember if you’dContinue reading “The Virtual Museum – The School House”

Tamarack: From 1991 to 2011

Listed below is each Tamarack Magazine issue from 1991 to 2011 and a direct link to our Facebook page where you can find the full archived versions of each edition. Tamarack Magazine Issue 1 Tamarack Magazine Issue 2 Tamarack Magazine Issue 3 Tamarack Magazine Issue 4 Tamarack Magazine Issue 5 Tamarack Magazine Issue 6 TamarackContinue reading “Tamarack: From 1991 to 2011”

The Former Townships

Rolph Township Rolph Township, along with McKay Township, is one of the oldest in the Upper Ottawa Valley. The township was founded in 1855 and named after the Honourable John Rolph, M.D, (pictured on left) widely renowned as the founder of the Toronto School of Medicine. Rolph was born in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England in 1793Continue reading “The Former Townships”

Wee Bits of The Valley

Early Logging Logging was the first industry in the townships as noted by lumber Baron John Egan in a speech to the Lumbermen’s Association in 1851; “…Works such as “Dams’”and “Slides” were built on the Chalk River as early as 1838″. To accommodate the lumbermen in moving their logs down the Ottawa River, lumber companiesContinue reading “Wee Bits of The Valley”

Build Your Own Log House

The School House Museum showcases much of the Upper Ottawa Valley’s history, a large part of which depicts the ways of pioneer life. A prime example of such living on the School House grounds is our log house. The log house is filled to the brim with interesting artifacts about life in the 1800s, butContinue reading “Build Your Own Log House”

Coppsville/Clarksville aka Chalk River

The Upper Ottawa Valley is a greatly diverse area in terms of population and industry. Not too far from where the School House Museum is located resides the small town of Chalk River, a town synonymous with Canada’s nuclear industry thanks to its close proximity to the head office of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories located justContinue reading “Coppsville/Clarksville aka Chalk River”